Alumni Association
The Cherry Hill High School Alumni Association ( CHHSAA ) would like to Thank all of the people that attended the 2014 Reunion on July 26, 2014.
We had a tremendous turnout, thanks to all of the Alumni that made it a special day for all.
We were very pleased with the Hellenic Cultural Center and the service they provided.  The Hellenic Cultural Center actually let us come in on Thursday and set the place up at no additional cost.  The two bands, The Six Foot Poles and The Dudes, were outstanding and provided us with great music and entertainment.
We have received many, many positive comments about how everyone liked the indoor venue so much better than being outdoors and subject to the weather.
We thank all of the people that came from Oregon, California, Maine, Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, New York, Tennessee,Arizona and Indiana.
Please send your comments to the website and we’ll try and publish them.
There are so many people to Thank and I apologize if I miss any of them.  A special thanks to:
Cathy Vagi-Flavin     Class of 1968
Jackie Moore-Wyrybkowski     Class of 1968
Mary Jo Vella-Scheuer     Class of 1970
Peggy Vella     Class of 1972
Frank Brown     Class of 1975
Bernie Toby     Class of 1970
Karen Duke-Genz     Class of 1970
Don Formolo     Class of 1971
Michael Murray     Class of 1979
Lynne Lang     Class of 1974
Debbie Endress-Gannon     Class of 1975
Steve Billings     Class of 1967
Julie Marinko-Plunk     Class of 1970
Bruce Porcaro     Class of 1986
Linda Marginean-Colwell     Class of 1965
Linda Formolo-Sampey     Class of 1969
Mike Varlesi     Class of 1969
It was the culmination of efforts by all of these people that made the CHHSAA 2014 Reunion a complete success.
Also, a special thanks to CDS Media Tech.  CDS Media Tech has provided us with a $12,000. website at virtually no cost to the CHHSAA.  The website itself is incredible and working with CDS Media Tech has proven to be a wonderful experience for us.  CDS Media Tech also took all of the pictures that you see on the website at no cost to the CHHSAA.  We encourage all Alumni to send donations to CDS Media Tech so that they’ll keep liking us and giving us the support that we need.
Again, a heartfelt Thanks to all of you that attended and made this day so special.
Spread the word, the next one will be bigger and better.